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Lending a Hand
FIS and FISW o er a world of feel-good opportunities
FISW parents serve as “Grillmeisters” during the 2017 Welcome BBQ
At this year’s  rst FIS World brainstorming meeting, “Worlders,” our editorial team comprised of parent volunteer writers, photographers, and FIS sta  members, nodded a rmatively to the story idea of exploring volunteerism at FIS. The spark of this story was
a result of a kinetic “aha” moment while leaning in, weight forward, on snow-covered slopes in Argentina this past August. Though my feet were connected to my skis in the southern hemisphere winter, my brain was far away, already in Oberursel contemplating a story idea for FIS World.
What is the motivator of parent volunteerism at FIS? Fellow Worlders  rst answered my call. The motivations to volunteer are noble: setting a good example for our children; being part of and giving back to the community;  nding purpose and an opportunity to contribute a special skill and enthusiasm for our school and our magazine. Writing and researching stories for FIS World has presented a spectacular opportunity to lean in, connect, and learn about FIS – and live the mission of truly being an embracing, family-oriented school.
FIS parent Susanne Schusta is one of the longest-standing volunteers at FIS, with 16 years of service. Additionally,
10 FIS World October 2017
since 2010, she has been the school’s Volunteer Coordinator, a position created to organize the growing number of parent volunteers and which also includes helping new families connect and feel part of the community. Volunteer opportunities are a crucial entry point for all parents, especially for the recently arrived ones, to integrate and feel at home within FIS. This year, 25 new parents joined the strong network of 660 registered volunteers. At the Wiesbaden campus, principal Andrea Rosinger and PTG President, Jill Boll, work together to coordinate volunteers.
FIS o ers parents a wide variety of volunteer opportunities. The list of “jobs” goes on and on if you consider the many activities generated by the school’s “Big Three” organizations: Athletic Booster Club (ABC), Parent Teacher Group (PTG), and Supporters of the Performing Arts (SPA). From pitching in at the concession stand and assisting our Warrior athletes, to lending a hand at the school’s festive celebrations, Applefest and Worldfest, or taking on a leadership role as a room parent, country representative or member of the Board of Trustees, to providing support for our children’s creative spark in the performing arts, all volunteer opportunities craft friendships and connect each

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