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Prepping the ever popular burgers at the ABC concession stand (above), and assisting in the ES library (below)
individual to a larger good. And there are more: working in the libraries, chaperoning school trips, cooking delightful meals for the teacher appreciation luncheon, stitching up majestic Broadway-styled costumes for school musicals, or blowing up perfectly red heart balloons for band concerts. A list made for everyone’s taste, skills and time possibilities.
Volunteerism makes you feel good and does good.
What motivated the Big Three’s leaders to volunteer? FIS Parent Wendy Fochtman knows her time and e ort go back to the students and the school. Through her volunteering in the ABC, she becomes a contributing member of the community: “Volunteering is a fabulous way to give back and make a di erence at FIS.” For Holly Brose, current president of the PTG at Oberursel, volunteering at FIS helped her “ ll the void of employment.” Holly worked full time for 20 years before relocating to Germany as an expatriate. She is thankful for the wonderful connections and friendships made through volunteering at FIS. Marlene Greenberg connects with her daughter’s passion for the performing arts through her role as SPA president. She says, “volunteering is simply getting involved and making FIS matter to you because FIS matters to your children.”
The bene ts of volunteering are many – it o ers parents of older students one of the few ways to get to know other parents. But it also allows teachers and sta  to get to know parents as well. Through volunteering, parents also see a larger picture of the school. Volunteer dissatisfaction and burnout can occur, but are remedied with heartfelt appreciation and parents  nding purpose in their task and virtue in giving.
Volunteerism and gratefulness are vibrant components of a circle of giving. Karen Claire-Zimmett, a dedicated long- term volunteer, says that she is “motivated to volunteer by the great feeling that comes from making a positive contribution at the school – for our children and community.”Volunteerism makes you feel good and does good. Indeed, active volunteerism is an antidote to the abrasively painful happenings in the world today and makes our school a true family-centered institution. So, lean in and connect to one of the many wonderful volunteer opportunities FIS o ers families. Friendships, fun and ful lling passions are certain to be part of your reward. And if you feel a story idea sparking to life within you, come on over to the friendly team of Worlders, we’d love to welcome you!
Deirdre Harriet-Boettcher FIS Parent
October 2017 FIS World 11

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