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All About Service
Bene ts of the Upper School’s House Service Afternoon stretch beyond FIS
Members of House LaClair engaged in environmental stewardship on the Oberursel Campus
In any given year scores of Upper School students are involved in variety of service learning opportunities, both locally and around the world. But an event on 26 April
took student involvement at FIS to a whole new level when more than 700 students fanned out across the Oberursel Campus and into the surrounding community for an afternoon of service-related activities.
“The event was such an amazing success,” said Upper School teacher, Alicia Chaplin, whose tireless work alongside Upper School teacher, Mariko Jungnitsch, and Assistant Principal, Pete Sinclair, brought the idea to life. “It left our students, teachers, and the wider community asking for more opportunities to collaborate and get involved.”
“We knew that we achieved great success when students came back asking, ‘When can we do this again?” and ‘Can we do this activity every month?’” added Upper School Principal, Rhiannon Wood.
The Upper School’s House System was created in 2015, and one of its aims was to encourage more opportunities for authentic involvement (and learning) across the entire Upper School. The school’s current student-led service groups were incorporated into eight themes allocated to each House, and additional opportunities for participation in wider community service were developed.
Service is a big component of the school’s mission, and the House Service Afternoon provided a perfect opportunity to
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