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An outside expert’s research provides helpful insight at FIS
Technology is an ever-increasing part of our children’s lives. Their teachers use technology to support learning; they complete school work using technology; and they play, socialize or shop through technology.
In Grades 6 and 7, students are taught about “digital citizenship” through the enhanced learning curriculum and there are guidelines on when and
6 FIS World May 2017
where all students can use technological devices around school. “Our overarching vision for technology is to promote a culture of innovation, creativity, and collaboration by providing access to cutting edge technology that empowers students to be self-directed, responsible and adaptable learners in an increasingly global and interconnected world,” said ICT Director Gareth Brewster.
To help achieve that mission, the school wanted to better understand the range and balance of technology used by students and teachers. And to answer this question, FIS needed to  nd an expert – someone who had an established reputation as a leader in the design and implementation of research studies in technology-rich educational environments. They found just the person they were looking for in Dr. Damian Bebell of the

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