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 Marty Fopp, ES Teacher’s Assistant, 20 Years
Marty Fopp has been a Teacher’s Assistant in the ES for the last 20 years where part of his job includes help- ing out with creative projects and as he says,“hang- ing things up and later taking them down.“ During his time at FIS, Mr. Fopp has worked exclusively with Grade 2 classrooms and says he will cherish all the funny moments, like the time when a student came up to him wearing red cowboy boots and said, “How ya doin‘ partner?“ When asked whether he had any wisdom to pass onto his students, Mr. Fopp said, “It‘s best to be open to all cultures and people. That’s what’s so great about FIS. It’s something that just stuck with me. I wish it would spread beyond this campus.”
Michael Jäger, Hausmeister, 36 Years
Michael Jäger, a native German, has been an import- ant figure at FIS over the last 35 years. He has many fond memories of his time at FIS, such as when his daughter (pictured left) was enrolled in the 90’s, and all the friendships he has formed. Despite all of the things enjoyable about his job, Mr. Jäger states that the most frustrating part of it was that “the students always stay young, but you yourself are always get- ting older.” Nevertheless, Mr Jäger says, “I wouldn’t change a thing, I would do it all again.”
Patricia Janoschka, FISW Nurse, 18 Years
Ms. Janoschka has enjoyed the continuity in her role as FISW’s nurse for the last 18 years, and being a part of the kids’ lives as they grow and change. “When I worked as a midwife, you gave the parents their baby and off they went, leaving you wondering what life held for them,” she says. Some of her favorite mem- ories of her time at FISW include reading all of the students’ beautifully made get well wishes when she broke her wrist (she still has them all), and the school’s 25th anniversary celebrations in 2018. Ms. Janoschka will miss being part of such a diverse com- munity but says, “I’m hoping my second family will invite me back for lots of celebrations!”
Annie McManners, US Drama and Theater, 31 Years
Annie McManners has been teaching in the Drama Department at FIS for 31 years. “A number of things led me to FIS: I was looking for a job, I was looking for an adventure, my boyfriend, at the time, had a degree in German and we were always coming here to look at German buildings and such, and Germany seemed to me to be an exciting country.”For Ms. McManners, meeting new multicultural drama teachers through the International Schools’ Theatre Association was truly inspiring. She has written and directed over 60 productions, inspired by the multicultural stu- dent body and the support of great friends and col- leagues. It's been a joyful career. Her one piece of advice, "Take chances, as you only really regret the things you didn't do."
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