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 David Mulkey-Vermehren,
US Computer Technology, 35 Years
In all his years here, there have been many things that Mr. Mulkey has favored, such as coaching vol- leyball from 1984-2014, and his job as a Computer Technology and Graphics Programming teacher. In that time, much has changed about FIS; when he first started there were only 100 teachers and 800 students. The biggest lesson Mr. Mulkey has learned after 35 years is that “all nationalities are pretty much the same,” when considering FIS’s rich and diverse culture. There will be many things Mr. Mulkey will miss when he leaves, which are his friends and col- leagues, and the students that made his time here so memorable.
Andrea Noble, FISW Grade 3, 8 years
Ms. Noble has loved working, learning and playing with her students, and that is what she will miss so much. She has also loved learning from all the other professionals around her. “They are so brilliant and generous with their support,”she said. During her time at FISW, Ms. Noble says that the school has changed in wonderful ways. “We now go up to Grade 8, which is so important for all of us. We also welcome chil- dren with varying strengths, and enjoy the richness it adds to all of our lives.” The one thing Ms. Noble says has not changed, is the warm welcome everyone feels on entering the school, and the sense of fam- ily everywhere. “I don’t know where my life will take me next, but I know it will definitely be connected to children, and trying to make their lives a little bit better. Wherever I am, I will always miss FISW.”
Luisa Razeto, US Administrative Assistant, 11 Years
Luisa Razeto has been a part of the FIS community for 11 years. She first started as a substitute teacher in French, German, Biology, and occasionally Physical Education. Her favorite part of substituting were funny moments with students. One thing she does not recall missing however, is substituting for Physical Education! Over the years, she has worked as an Upper School Administrative Assistant. “Part of my job is dealing with the unexpected; you need to be flexible!” She will miss her co-workers and the feel- ing of being at home with them, as it is a great feel- ing to be able to be yourself at work. Along with her colleagues she will also miss working with students, as it made everyday unexpecting and fun.
Ava A., Caroline B., Emma L., Hamsini S., Alice V. FIS Upper School Student Writers
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