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Events Calendar
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  30 May
Senior Prom
Students celebrate the end of IB exams with a special evening dance: Prom. Off-site
4 June
Gr 1–5 Springtime Strings Concert Students perform in this end of year concert.
FIS Auditorium
6 June
PP – Gr 1 Sports Day
The FIS Primary School celebrates sports day. FIS Upper Field
13 June
Gr 5–12 Band Concert
Gr 5–12 students perform in a spring band concert Stadthalle Oberursel
30 May
(Public Holiday)
No School
5 June
First Steps Sports Day
The school’s youngest learners participate in morning sports activities FIS Upper Field
10 June
(Public Holiday)
No School
14 June
ES Sports Day
The FIS Elementary School celebrates sports day.
FIS Lower Field
31 May
Bridge Day
No School
5 June
FISW PTG Meeting
All FISW community members are invited. FISW Commons
11 June
FIS Board of Trustees Meeting
All FIS community members are encouraged to attend Parkhotel Waldlust
16, 17 June
Gr 6–8 Musical
Gr 6–8 students present “Alice in Wonderland jr.” FIS Auditorium
1 June
FIS Graduation
FIS celebrates the graduates of 2019 with a commencement ceremony. Stadthalle Oberursel
5 June
Spring Sports Awards
Spring sport athletes celebrate the end of the season.
FIS Auditorium
12 June
FISW Summer Concert
FISW students perform in an end of year concert. FISW Commons
19 June
Last Day of School
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For this project, Grade 1 students first learned about the architectural style of Antoni Gaudi. After look- ing at various Gaudi buildings and reading books about him and his various architectural designs, stu- dents were then tasked with drawing a building of their own. Students used natural phenomena or an- imals as inspiration for their designs and drew with permanent markers and watercolors.
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